Dori Adar
Think Like a Game Designer


Dori Adar is the founder of Hands on Games, a gaming school and consultancy firm. He works with tech and game companies on making their products fun and more engaging.

Dori has vast experience in game design and production. Previous to Hands on Games he was the Creative Director of TabTale, a gaming company often recognized as a top ten global publisher.


Think Like a Game Designer

A Game Design Workshop for UX and Product Designers

In this workshop you will learn a new way of thinking for the digital products you build. How to craft rules and goals, how to balance skill and luck and how to find the fun in any interactive systems. This powerful new way of thinking will help you design engaging products in almost every sector.

After all, consumers never complained about a product that was “too fun” to use. We take fun very seriously. Fun is a serious business.