Product Designer, Houzz
Ela Ganor
Redesigning Design and Development


Ela Ganor is a lead Mobile Product Designer at Houzz. Over the past 5 years, gained experience as a product designer for few companies, Anyoption, Copyop, Interlude (now EKO). Always working on the intersection between design, vision, concept, and ideation, to creating feasible live products, collaborating with fellow designers, developers, business, and product. Ela is mainly focused on interactive design but as a geek for technology, visuals, and innovation, she gets excited when they overlap.


Redesigning Design and Development

The process of creating great product consist mainly of design and development. Designers understand the power of design in shaping products, same as developers can understand the technological potential in a line of code. Now, Imagine what could happen when you combined this superpower? What happens when we incorporate our design and development into one agile process?

When the design team and development not working together in harmony, no matter how hard they’ll try, it will be a hard and slow reaction to any technological change or even iterate on features. In this talk I’ll share some key points from our experience how to create a shared work process:

  • How working in flat team structure revokes ego
  • Limitation are a dialog – How any issue is an opportunity
  • Creating tests and research – quick and lean iteration cycle
  • How to create transparency – Syncing, Sharing and practical tools and tips.