Head of Product Design, SimilarWeb
Oded Babayoff
From Concept to Implementation


Oded Babayoff, Experience Designer and a Design Lead. Oded has over 17 years of experience working with startups and media companies. In recent years Oded took part in forming Matnas Interactive studio, managing design at Microsoft and at smart cities startup. learning and teaching methods of implementing design culture in innovation based companies.

Squares 2017 Talk

From Concept to Implementation

One of the greatest challenges we face as digital designers is implementing our designs, often dealing with team members egos and other corporate constraints. So how do great designers move from concept to implantation without losing what’s important on the way?

In this presentation, Designer Oded Babayoff will share from his experience on how to better communicate designs solutions while reducing friction, and provide a framework to create a better team dialog, design process and innovative ecosystem.

We will learn how improve colleagues feedback, how to breach the gap between designers and the developers and get solutions to common problems that are part of the daily routine for interactive designers.