Principal Designer, Deliveroo
Raphaël Guilleminot
Advanced Sketch & Prototyping Techniques


Raphaël is a Principal Designer at Deliveroo, building design systems and tools for their growing design team. Previously, Raphaël worked as a Design Lead at Facebook on projects like Facebook Events, Pages and design standards. Prior to Facebook, Raphaël co-founded, a public data intelligence company.

Raphaël enjoys touching all aspects of product design, from high-level strategy down to detailed execution. He’s a staunch advocate of design pragmatism, re-usable design systems, and mastering your tools.

Morning Workshop

Intermediate Sketch and Prototyping Techniques

From intermediate to Pro

Do you wish you could produce your digital designs faster, with more consistency and less effort? Do you hop between design tools and have trouble finding the right design workflow? This workshop is for you.

Sketch is a vector design tool designed for user interface design. It’s easy to pick up, relatively cheap, and offers a lot of customization for pros. It’s perfect for designing for multiple devices, from wireframes to pixel-perfect deliverables.
In this workshop, you will learn the techniques that can turn from you from user interface design dilettante to a pro with Sketch.

This will set up as a hybrid of a lecture, Q&A, and collaborative design session. Attendees will be shown techniques, given the opportunity to try them out on their own, and swap designs with each other.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Proper setup for speed and reliability
  • Guidelines on how to organize your files and workspace
    using templates
  • How to iterate quickly and stay organized
  • Working with icons
  • Advanced layout techniques
  • Using symbols
  • Exporting assets quickly
  • Essential plugins
  • Collaborating on the same files
  • Simple prototyping within sketch
  • Mirroring


  • Basic understanding of Sketch OR experience with design tools Photoshop/Illustrator
  • A Macintosh laptop
  • The latest of version of Sketch installed (trial version of Sketch available here)
  • For prototyping and mirroring:
    iPhone users: an iPhone with USB cable, Sketch mirror app installed
    Android users: An android phone with USB cable, Skala View app installed
Afternoon Workshop

Advanced Sketch Techniques and Flinto Prototyping

Design at the Speed of Thought

Sketch is the best UI design tool out there. At the end of the day, it’s not really a UX tool, it’s a pixel-pushing tool. Acknowledging that, my goal as a product designer has always been to free myself from Sketch’s limitations. Over the years, I’ve obsessed over speed of execution, so I can focus my time and energy on solving problems rather than drawing and aligning boxes all day. Along the way, I’ve also become an avid user of plugins and extensions.

If you’re a UX professional, and also wish to free yourself from the repetitive, menial tasks that make up your design workflow, this workshop is for you. I’ll walk you through the tools and techniques I’ve developed to design at the speed of thought.

The first 2hrs of this workshop will delve into deep Sketch nerdery, extreme keyboard shortcut usage, and a lot of micro optimizations. The second part of the workshop will cover advanced, high-fidelity prototyping. I’ve tried every tool out there and have found Flinto to be at the perfect intersection of easy, lightweight, fast, and powerful. We’ll spend 1hr going through the basics of the tool and build a few few advanced interactions together.