Co Founder, Art Director, Head of Design School - Create.
Ronit Klein
Inspi-rational: Turning abstract ideas into real products.


Ronit has devoted the past seven years to User Experience design. Previously, Ronit has been the Head of Design in the eCommerce Division at WIX, her professional expertise includes developing the branding of digital products, creative management of start-ups, training design teams and leading projects on all kinds of platforms from mobile applications to innovative Smart TV interfaces.

Her wide professional experience, passion for design and her experience in education, led her to establish Create – a digital design school that emphasizes innovation and quality.

Design, in my eyes, is beyond time and space. It has the power to touch our souls. I believe that design has a special affect on each and every one of us. I am excited about precise typography, thrilled by innovative designed interfaces and about leading designers towards their professional goals×´


Inspi-rational: Turning abstract ideas into real products.

New ideas are the Bread and Butter of Digital Designers. We need ideas to start working on any new project. Where do these ideas come from? Where do we find inspiration? And once we find inspiration and have an idea, how do we translate it into a visual product?

As designers we are required to find solutions to different challenges on a daily basis. Knowing how to recognize a good idea and generate it into an actual design in a very efficient way is a priceless skill.

In this presentation, Creative Director Ronit Klein will share her own methodology, in which she uses to turn abstract ideas into real products.