Full Stack Designer & Entrepreneur
Sagi Shrieber
The Design Sprint: Empowering Rapid Innovation


Sagi is a Full Stack Designer & Entrepreneur. He mentors startups as an official UX Mentor at Google Launchpad, and coaches designers in their careers, work & life.

In the past 6 years, he led the design in companies such as Fiverr, Similarweb, and his own Upwest Labs backed startup – Tapdog, which was acquired by Similarweb in early 2015.

Sagi has also founded two large design communities: Hacking UI (International) & Pixel Perfect Magazine (local), where he podcasts, writes, and shares valuable content on the topics of design & entreprenership.


The Design Sprint: Empowering Rapid Innovation

A Design Sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking to reduce the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.

This process helps the team in clearly defining goals, validating assumptions and deciding on a product roadmap before one line of code is written.  This workshop will cover the fundamentals so you can successfully run a Design Sprint with your team.


What will we learn in this workshop?

First, we will learn about the Five stages that a sprint covers:
Understand: Discovering the business opportunity, the audience, the competition, the value proposition, and defining the metrics of success.
Diverge: Exploring, developing and iterating creative ways of solving the problem.
Converge: Identifying ideas that fit the next product cycle and explore them in further detail through storyboarding.
Prototype: Designing and preparing prototypes that can be tested with actual people.
Test: Conducting the user testing sessions & learnings.


  • We will learn about the different design exercises that we can use
  • We’ll talk about preparing the design sprint in terms of materials and later on gear for the tests
  • We’ll talk about our roles as the facilitators of the sprint
  • We’ll talk about how to create prototypes that can actually be tested
  • We’ll talk about how to reach users for the tests
  • And we’ll cover what the hell we do later with the learning from this sprint