Lead UI/UX Designer, OverOps
Shir Zalzberg
Practical Data-Driven Design


Shir is the lead UI/UX designer at OverOps. In her day to day, she’s facing the challenges of creating an emotional connection between a very technical product and its users.

Previously, Shir worked for a UI\UX studio, specializing in complex interface design. During her student years at the Holon Institute of Technology, she was the lead designer for an Arduino based company, turning technical products approachable and exciting. Shir is also the proud owner of a massive Pez Dispenser collection that won’t shame any serious collector.


Data Driven Design

Great looking design is not enough. Lets face it, designers work in a very competitive market, and aesthetically pleasing design is more common than ever, so how can we stand out? How can we insure our designs are not just ‘beautiful’, but necessary? The answer is simple, analytics.

In this presentation, Designer Shir Zalzberg will share her own experience about the importance of designers in the decision making process. She will share case studies that aim to create a better experience for the users and by that, improving the product.

Together, we will look into a data-driven design process, see how a hypothesis matures into a real product, and how analytics tie it all together.