Director of Design, Eved
Tevi Hirschhorn
Love Your Users So Your Users Will Love You Back


Tevi is the Director of Design for an enterprise startup in Chicago, Eved, building a design team here in Israel. Previously, he was designer in residence for Jumspeed Ventures in Jerusalem, helping portfolio companies achieve scale and profitability. Before making Aliya, he led the User Experience on large projects for CSG in Chicago, designing digital products for call centers and movie studios.

Tevi lives in Bet Shemesh amongst gorgeous mountain biking trails and amazing boutique wineries.


Love Your Users So Your Users Will Love You Back

UX principles teach you how to make things usable. How to drive people through a funnel. How to boost conversions. But other than providing something useful and usable, how can you get people to love your product? How can you get people to be passionate?

Stop being like a ‘needy boyfriend’ begging your users to like you. Create an authentic relationship with your users and they’ll love you for it.

In this talk, Director of Design Tevi Hirschhorn will outline ways in which you can build a real relationship with your users. He will share ways in which UX can be designed to show love for your users – and get them to love you back.